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Kid's Costumes: TV & Movie Characters Halloween Costumes

“Must-see” TV and the latest blockbuster movies are some of the driving forces behind popular costumes. Television and movies bring to life our favorite characters and keep our emotions swinging whether we are perched on the edge of our seats in anticipation, wiping away a tear, or laughing from the bottom of our bellies. With a wide variety of genres including comedy, drama, action, science fiction, variety shows,  reality shows and more, there is sure to be a TV or movie costume that will keep you from flipping your channels.

Kid's Costumes: TV & Movie Characters Costume Ideas

Science fiction is always a hit from the Star Wars trilogies to the recent Star Trek movie; dress up as everyone from Darth Vader to Spock in adult costumes from these famous movies. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are two other fantasy film series that have so many great costumes that will let you cast a spell on any party. The long-running comedy show, Saturday Night Live, has plenty of humorous characters to parody including the Spartan cheerleaders, Deter Sprocket, the Church Lady, the Coneheads and Hanz and Franz who are ready to “pump you up”!

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