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Kid's Costumes: Superheroes Halloween Costumes

Flip through the pages of an old-time comic book and you’ll begin to feel nostalgic for the old-school superhero costumes of yesteryear. From the Phantom, Superman, Captain America and more you will feel transported back to the Golden Age of comics when it was easy to tell the good guys from the bad. Superheroes were the brave men in tights who were either the finest human specimens around or possessed supernatural powers that enabled them to defend justice within their domain.

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Other superheroes stepped out into the scene and also became fan favorites such as Batman, Spiderman, the X-men, and more. Many of these superheroes also had faithful sidekicks by their side such as Robin, the Boy Wonder. There are also superhero costumes for women including Wonder Woman, Elektra, and Bat Girl among others. So suit up in a superhero costume and set out to leap a tall building, save a damsel in distress, or even stop the bad guys from world domination.  Whichever superhero costume you choose, add on some fierce superhero accessories such as capes, boots, utility belts, weapons and more for an authentic look.

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