Kid's Costumes: Fairytale & Storybook Costumes

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Kid's Costumes: Fairytale & Storybook Halloween Costumes

Once upon a time, there was a guy and a girl who needed a special outfit for a big party. Looking high and low, they finally found a costume they could live happily ever after in and reminded them of a favorite fairytale or storybook. Whether you aspire to be the princess or are a damsel in distress, a day is always better when a Prince Charming swings by. Available in sizes and styles for both men and women, fairytale and storybook costumes are a dream come true.

Kid's Costumes: Fairytale & Storybook Costume Ideas

Of course, the storybook standard is Cinderella and Prince Charming, other classic Disney couples are Belle and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, the Hunchback and Esmeralda and more. Other fairytales with popular costumes areHansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland, Raggedy Ann and The Wizard of Oz. Create the entire cast of characters from your favorite tale and head out to your party as a group. Many of these adult costumes put a sexy twist on fairytale and storybook characters with flirty short skirts and revealing necklines -- not quite the innocent and demure versions of your childhood! Make your Halloween costume complete with the coordinating shoes, tights, hats and props.

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