Kid's Costumes: Animals & Insects Costumes

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Kid's Costumes: Animals & Insects Halloween Costumes

Children will love to show off their wild side with a costume from the great animal (and bug!) kingdom. Pick out a species to please both child and parent; critters are available from A to Z including ant to zebras and everything in between. Animal costumes are available in so many styles; you’ll find hoofed creatures, horned beasts, cold-blooded reptiles, winged wonders and even the not-so-recently extinct – dinosaurs!

Kid's Costumes: Animals & Insects Costume Ideas

Dress up in a khaki zookeeper costume and have your brood of beasts dress as their favorite mammal, reptile, fish, bird or bug.  Old MacDonald’s Farm animals are always a hit with little humans from horses, cows, goats and the requisite barnyard dog and family of kittens. Jungle and safari costumes will cause a wild stampede of wild elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers. If your children want to dress up as an insect, don’t fret! Costume insects and bugs are so cute from fluttering butterflies, lady-like lady bugs and silly, wiggly caterpillar. Any of these animal and insect costumes will make your child’s costume a roaring, chirping, howling, screeching success.

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