GIRLS: Witches/Scary/Horror/Goth Costumes

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GIRLS: Witches/Scary/Horror/Goth Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time for transforming from sweet girl next door into one scary character. From wicked witches and other scary costumes, there are many choices to delight the darkest divas of the horror and goth genres. Whether you have a night of trick-or-treating planned or are planning to run through a haunted house, you will look “to die for” in a witch, horror or goth costume.

GIRLS: Witches/Scary/Horror/Goth Costume Ideas

Double bubble, toil and trouble; witches really know how to cook up a fun time. Girls witch costumes range from the traditional witch with black robes and a tall-pointy hat to much more winsome witches dolled up in feather trim and glitter. Some girls may be experimenting with the “goth” subculture and will want to wear a dark yet delightful costume such as a Goth Fairy, a Dark Angel or even a Goth Pirate Lady. Add pale make up, kohl-rimmed eyes and blood red lips for the never-seen-sunlight Goth look. Vampires are another scary goth-type costume based on Victorian-era fashion; long velvet gowns, high starched collars, dramatic cloaks and faux fangs – now that’s a look any girl would love to sink her teeth into.

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