GIRLS: TV and Movies Girls Costumes

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GIRLS: TV and Movies Girls Halloween Costumes

Hallway and playground talk at school almost always includes the girls chatting about their favorite TV programs and movies. Girl’s “must-see” programming usually includes “totally cute outfits”, “stars that could be a BFF” and “way cool music”. With a wide variety of genres including comedy, drama, action, science fiction, variety shows, reality shows and more, there is sure to be a TV or movie costume that will help get your girl in character.

GIRLS: TV and Movies Girls Costume Ideas

Younger girls will love all things pink and sparkly; you can’t go wrong with Barbie, Bratz and Hello Kitty costumes. Another perennial favorite are any one of the Disney Princesses from Cinderella and Snow White to Jasmine and Ariel. Add on a few of the many officially licensed accessories such as tiaras, wands and fancy dress up shoes to match your Disney movie costume. For girls who love to read, Hermione from Harry Potter is a magical costume to wear – don’t forget her bushy, brown wig, stack of books and magic wand. Toddler and preschool girls, who idolize their favorite television and movie characters, will be thrilled to wear a costume from one of their top shows such as Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues or Sesame Street.

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