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GIRLS: Superheroes Girls Halloween Costumes

Anything boys can do, girls can do better! And that includes dressing up in a female superhero costume and busting crime chick style! If your daughter is too young to remember the retro comic books featuring girl superheroes, she is sure to be familiar with their more modern appearances on the big screen. From Aqua Girl to Zelda or from A to Z, there are plenty of female heroines that a girl can emulate. Many of these amazing women had some special skill they used to take on the bad guy; some of the skills were of human origin and enhanced by gadgets while other skills were purely supernatural.

GIRLS: Superheroes Girls Costume Ideas

Favorite superhero costumes for girls to suit up in include Bat Girl and Super Girl, the female counterpoints to Batman and Superman respectively. While these characters started off in a supporting role, they later branched out in the comics to hold their own against evil. Wonder Woman is another superhero girls will admire; tall, gorgeous and able to deflect bullets on her golden cuffs, it is no wonder why! Add a cascading brown wig to a Wonder Woman costume to get the look of Lynda Carter from the retro television show. For those with a naughty side, the more villainous Catwoman from Batman makes a “purrrr-fect” costume.

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