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GIRLS: Pre-teen Costumes Girls Halloween Costumes

Typically the pre-teen years are considered to be from 9 through 12 years of age. No longer little kids but not yet women; pre-teen girls are looking to express their individual fashion style while fitting in with friends at the same time. This means wearing the “perfect” costume that meets all her criteria of cool may take a bit of searching around, but with hundreds of pre-teen girl costumes you are sure to find a winner. From princesses to villainesses, feminine to sporty, or classic to trendy, there are so many choices she’s bound to give the thumbs up to at least one!

GIRLS: Pre-teen Costumes Girls Costume Ideas

Tween girls can act out their favorite stories from childhood in darling fairytale costumes including Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, or The Wizard of Oz. Older pre-teen girls may also be getting into the “goth” subculture and will want to wear a dark yet delightful costume such as Lilith Goth Fairy, Funky Punk Pirate and Dark Angel. Many ‘tween girls are also into Japanese manga and anime scene and like to dress up in the popular cosplay costumes including Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon or a Tokyo pop Harijuku Girl.

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