GIRLS: Husky and Plus Girls Costumes

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GIRLS: Husky and Plus Girls Halloween Costumes

Sometimes called husky, plus size or pleasantly plump, heavier or large-boned girls sometimes face many barriers in picking out the right Halloween costume. Plus sized girls, along with any other girl actually, want clothing and costumes that show off their body shape and suit the size at the same time. Husky and plus size girls costumes are just as cute and fashionable as their standard sized counterpoints, but pay special attention to providing a comfortable and modest fit.

GIRLS: Husky and Plus Girls Costume Ideas

You daughter can feel like a cool secret agent in a hip and trendy Kim Possible costume with comfy green pants and ninja-like black top. Fairytale and storybook inspired plus costumes include Little Bo Peep, Alice in Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty. All of these darling costumes feature roomy dresses that will fit a variety of shapes. Another fun costume based on the Broadway play “Hairspray” is Tracy Turnblad who was herself a plus sized character in the show who overcame her insecurities about her looks and gets the guy in the end! Girls will love to accessorize their husky and plus costumes with fabulous accessories such as tiara, dress up shoes, glittery makeup and fun costume costumes.

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