Adult Costumes: Halloween Movies Costumes

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Adult Costumes: Halloween Movies Halloween Costumes

Halloween movies and horror movies are the basis for some of the best costumes ever. If you are trying to scare the life out of someone (in fun, of course), then suit up in the gruesome garb of the evil, evil villains of the silver screen. Reviled by most yet revered by some, the bad guys from Halloween movies never get a mixed reaction – it’s always a blood-curdling holler.

Adult Costumes: Halloween Movies Costume Ideas

Get the look to kill for, from Jason from “Friday the Thirteenth” with his hockey face mask and bloodied machete to the striped sweater, razor-clawed villain from Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger. Other horror leading men include, Chucky the scary doll from “Child’s Play”, Michael Myers known as “The Shape” from “Halloween”, Pinhead from Hellraiser and more. There are other, less-frightening but still fearsome Halloween Movie costumes include Frankenstein, Beetlejuice, the Mummy, and the Corpse Bride among others. Of course, you’ll want to accessorize your Halloween movie costume with some imposing weapons that will get any job done such as a butcher’s knife, a machete, or a dagger. Once you suit up in your scary adult costume, don’t scream at your reflection when you pass a mirror!

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