Adult Costumes: Food & Beverages Costumes

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Adult Costumes: Food & Beverages Halloween Costumes

Create a look of gastronomic proportions suited up in a Halloween costume elevating your appreciation of food and beverages. Silly yet so satisfying, food and beverage costumes are a tasteful twist on the grub you love. Friends and family will be eating their hearts out once they catch a glimpse of the deliciousness you are serving up.

Adult Costumes: Food & Beverages Costume Ideas

Available in sizes to fit both men and women, there is a veritable buffet of entrees, libations and other treat that make you so happy! From larger-than-life slices of pizza, humongous hotdogs and hamburgers along with ketchup and mustard condiments, you have everything needed for a backyard cookout! Health nuts will appreciate a plethora of produce such as grapes, apples, bananas and more. Make things more spirited dressing up as your favorite drink, from beer bottles and kegs to martinis and margaritas it will be hard to choose just one. Most of these foot and beverage costume are made as large “sheath” style foam costumes that are pulled on and have openings for your face, arms and legs. Match tights or stockings and a long-sleeved t-shirt to the color of your food or drink for a coordinated look.

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