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Accessories & Makeup: Weapons & Armor Halloween Costumes

Create an imposing image by adding weapons and armor to your Halloween costume. Be battle ready dressed from head-to-toe in protective gear or just add a few accessories as needed. Available in sizes to suit boys and men (and even girls and women), weapon and armor accessories will put the call of battle and war in your soul.

Accessories & Makeup: Weapons & Armor Costume Ideas

Whether you are on the front lines or are planning a surprise attack, armor is always a safe bet for your Roman or Greek soldier or medieval knight costume. Typically replicated in light-weight rubber, Roman armor includes breast plates, leg and arm guards, armored skirts and a Spartan-style helmet with distinctive red plumage.  For the ladies, Xena the Princess Warrior, is a fierce feminine fantasy character that loves her weapons and armor. Swords are one of the most popular weapons as they were used throughout so many eras in history. Knights from the Middle Ages wielded swords and jousts while pirates from the 18th century were known for their shiny cutlass swords with gem-encrusted handles. Other weapons that work well for many Halloween costumes include pistols for policemen, nun chucks for ninjas and Tommy guns for gangsters.

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