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Accessories & Makeup: TV & Movie Items Halloween Costumes

Television, movie watching and video game playing are some of America’s favorite pastimes. So, it’s no wonder that costumes designed after the characters on the big and small screens are always a top choice for Halloween, Oscar watching parties, science fiction conventions and more. To make your costume look like it just walked off the set of a major motion picture studio, you’ll need special TV and movie accessories and makeup for a realistic look.

Accessories & Makeup: TV & Movie Items Costume Ideas

Star Wars has always been a popular choice with movie fans; accessorize your officially licensed products such as Clone Trooper Blasters, Princess Leia wigs, Darth Vader helmets and light sabers in a range of colors. Fans of World of Warcraft love to go all out decked out in their virtual identities such as the blood elf, night elf and the forsaken with elf ears and other prosthetics. Indiana Jones fans will find a fedora, holster and leather whip to enhance their adventuring costumes. Or, cast a spell within the wizarding community with a Harry Potter wand, Hogwarts scarf, or Hedwig the Owl. Based on films and shows from the past or current hits of today, you are sure to find TV, movie and videogame accessories to make your costume a “must-see”!

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