Accessories & Makeup: Tails & Ears & Noses Costumes

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Accessories & Makeup: Tails & Ears & Noses Halloween Costumes

We heated up our magic cauldron and brewed up a pot full of spare tails, ears and noses all perfect for your Halloween costume. Welcome to our boutique of body parts featuring sniffers and listeners that will make you come to your senses. From barnyard critters to monstrous creatures, there is bound to be a tail, ear or nose that will give Halloween costumes for kids through adults some extra personality.

Accessories & Makeup: Tails & Ears & Noses Costume Ideas

Noses come in all shapes and sizes, such as red ball clown noses, warty witch noses, elephant trunks, pig snouts to a proboscis of epic proportions, the ever-growing Pinocchio nose. Elf ears are popular for many uses including dressing up as the Elven race in “The Lord of the Rings”, the happy helpers in Santa’s workshop or the Elf personas taken on by fans of role-playing online games such as Second Lifer or World of Warcraft. If a tail is in your future, choose from a variety of tails including sweet fluffy bunny tails to red pointed Devil tails. Tails can be short and curly, like a pig’s corkscrew tail, or a long furry kitty tail that swishes when you walk.

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