Accessories & Makeup: Stockings & Tights & Socks Costumes

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Accessories & Makeup: Stockings & Tights & Socks Halloween Costumes

Sure, stockings, tights and socks keep your legs and feet warm, but when paired with a costume they do so, so much more. Turn the basics for a simple costume, such as a leotard or a sheath, into a personal statement of style when paired with leg wear that gets you into character. Are you a green alien from outer space or a rag doll lacking grace? Pull on a pair of stockings, tights or socks and let your legs do the walking and talking.

Accessories & Makeup: Stockings & Tights & Socks Costume Ideas

Available in sizes for adults through toddlers, even men have been known to don stretchy leg wear – yes, that would be “Men in Tights”! From Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest to Robin the sidekick of Batman, there are green tights to make any guy feel like a jaunty defender of justice. Ladies can add a sexy touch to any costume such as a French Maid or a Bunny with fishnet stockings, even thigh-high stockings. Little girls can pick pastel tights that match with the fluffy tulle fabric on their fairy, ballerina or butterfly costumes. The larger-than-life sheath-style costumes, such as the huge banana or jumbo pizza slice, always look more polished with a coordinating pair of stockings or tights sticking out from the bottom. And, the most famous socks of all are Bobby Socks which will make a 1950s era poodle skirt land saddle shoes look ready for the sock hop.

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