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Accessories & Makeup: Gloves & Hands Halloween Costumes

Some folks might think of gloves as simply a way to keep hands warm on a cold and blustery day. But when you are in character gloves and costume hands can make your ensemble realistic from top to fingertips. Available in a handy assortment of styles to fit toddlers, children, ‘tweens and adults, costume gloves and costume hands are meant to hold up your great Halloween style.

Accessories & Makeup: Gloves & Hands Costume Ideas

Glamorous divas will find that elbow-length satin gloves perfect for an evening at the opera or a Marilyn Monroe costume with a “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” flair. Musicians seem to have a thing for outrageous gloves including the fingerless mesh-gloves that were so popular with Madonna in the early days and the single and sparkly white hand wear of the “gloved one”, Michael Jackson. For a not-quite-manicured look, you can get hand coverings that resemble all sorts of creepy characters including a corpse, Dementor and Voldement hands from Harry Potter, and skeleton gloves. For a classic cartoon look worn by Cat in the Hat and Mickey Mouse is an oversized pair of cartoon white mittens. Oh, and did we mention that boxing gloves will give your prize fighter costume a knock-out punch.

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