Accessories & Makeup: Feet & Footcovers Costumes

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Accessories & Makeup: Feet & Footcovers Halloween Costumes

Don’t ruin your costume with a pair of everyday sneakers. Get some “sole” and lend an authentic touch to your ensemble with costume feet and footcovers. Foot coverings are an ideal way for children, teens, adults and plus-sizes to stay in step with their chosen character.

Accessories & Makeup: Feet & Footcovers Costume Ideas

Probably the first foot covers that were worn over shoes were called spats. Popular in the Victorian era, these white canvas or leather toppers snapped onto the uppers of dress shoes to keep mud and rain out. Taking this idea and expanding it, shoe covers and boot covers for your costume slip on right over your everyday shoes and give you the look of pirate boots, ruby red slippers, elf booties or whatever you choose. Get the look of walking in bare feet while you are actually wearing comfy shoes with Hobbit feet topped with furry insteps or huge, callous-crusted caveman feet. The great and safe thing about these is you can run around all over the place and not have to worry about stepping on a thorn or stubbing your toe.

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