Accessories & Makeup: Fangs and Teeth Costumes

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Accessories & Makeup: Fangs and Teeth Halloween Costumes

Now here is something to sink your teeth into, a pair of fierce fangs or terrifying teeth for your Halloween costume. Create your costume down to the last detail; teeth just like your chosen character would be sporting around. Perfect for adults and older kids (a choking hazard for younger kids), costume fangs and teeth are a sharp addition.

Accessories & Makeup: Fangs and Teeth Costume Ideas

Choose your teeth to complement your costume; a backwoods hillbilly or redneck would wear a pair of rotten bubba teeth while a rapper or pimp would be proudly be sporting a glinty gold grillz or rhinestone-encrusted grillz. There are also rabbit teeth which can give you the appearance of the over-sized front teeth of the Easter Bunny. Get the look of no teeth at all with “over the hill” tooth coverings that make you look like an elderly man or woman. Vampires are known for their fangs which they’d gladly sink into the nearest neck; a wolfman or werewolf also sports these pearly whites featuring big canines. For a fun effect, you can get fangs in different colors or that glow in the dark.

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