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Accessories & Makeup: Eyewear & Glasses Halloween Costumes

See your Halloween costume or dress up costume in a whole new light with the right accessory – a pair of glasses or special eyewear. Perfect to add the finishing touch on a costume for men, women or children pretend glasses and eye wear is available without a prescription. A good time won’t seem so far away, once you slip on a pair of costume glasses and set your sights on the fun.

Accessories & Makeup: Eyewear & Glasses Costume Ideas

There are many glasses to coordinate with your character from television and movies. Groucho Marx glasses with an attached nose and his heavy eyebrows are a time-honored favorite. Harry Potter glasses are also a top seller, as this cool wizard is anything but geeky in his taped up nerd glasses. Famous musicians have immortalized styles in eye wear along with their songs; John Lennon wore signature small round glasses and Elvis, in his later years, wore the gold gilded shades. There are plenty of eye wear and glasses for ladies as well; cat-eye Fifties-era glasses are perfect with a poodle skirt or you can go glam in a diva gown and long, faux eyelashes. For the funny guy, there are the perennial party favorite, beer goggle glasses. These glasses imply that everyone looks better when you’re looking through beer bottles (or under the influence).

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