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Accessories & Makeup: Costume Props Halloween Costumes

Cupid without a bow and arrow, the devil without a pitchfork, a gypsy without a crystal ball, or Sherlock Holmes without a magnifying glass and pipe – totally unheard of! Make your Halloween costume or dress up outfit a sure-to-be admired hit with the addition of costume props and accessories. An huge selection of costume props and accessories will lend a genuine flavor to your fantasy outfit. With fitting costume props and accessories, you can create the total image of your character and take it over the top!

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Every character costume seems to have something to hold; a Southern Belle holds a lace parasol while the confederate solider holds a shotgun. The caveman holds a wooden club while the spaceman holds a jetpack or American Flag. A top chef would wield a butcher knife while a horror character might carry one as well! Props for kid’s costumes are always fun, such as a magic wand and a Nimbus 2000 broomstick for Harry Potter or a toy microphone headpiece for the future pop music idol. Choosing the right costume prop will really make your outfit stand out from the crowd, and can even be useful too, such as tequila IV bag or a cute little apple purse for Toto in a Wicker basket purse for Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

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