Accessories & Makeup: Capes, Coats & Vests Costumes

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Accessories & Makeup: Capes, Coats & Vests Halloween Costumes

Capes, coats and vests will not only keep you warm on a blustery night, but also make your costume more authentic-looking depending on your character. These outerwear accessories fit the entire family, in sizes to accommodate children to teens and men, women and plus sizes folks. Don’t look as capes, coast and vests as only a functional feature of warmth for your costume, but instead see it as a way to layer on style.

Accessories & Makeup: Capes, Coats & Vests Costume Ideas

Soar to new heights with a full, flowing cape for your Superhero costume Batman has a black cape, Superman has a red cape and Robin is sometimes shown with a yellow cape. A vampire also wears a voluminous cape and likes to hold up the fabric to shield their face from the light. Royalty, such as kings and queens, are also shown with long capes or robes in purple or red velvet trimmed in faux white fur. Cowboys wear long black duster coats and coordinating vests for that just-rode-into-town maverick look while Victorian era gentlemen might sport a frock coat as well as a waist coat (which is just a fancy name for a vest) styled with 19th century flourish.

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